The Obsession Method Review (Kate Spring) – Read This Before You Buy!

If you’re an average guy like me, at some point in your life you would’ve thought about how you can make a girl like you. Make her like you so much that she is willing to do anything for you. So much so that she will move her entire world just to spend an extra 5 minutes with you.

Most dating products cover things like optimizing your online dating profiles or how you can cold approach a girl in the street. And those are all good things because I truly believe that no man should ever think that he is incapable of getting a girl.

But where most people go wrong is that they try to get as many girls as possible. Instead, they should be focusing on developing a relationship with a girl they like the most. A relationship that will probably last a lifetime. A relationship in which the girl is obsessed with you so that she CHOOSES to stay with you forever and not even feel attracted to any other man in the world.

That’s where the Obsession Method comes in.


Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to sleep with as many women as possible. Because as guys, we are biologically designed to do that. So to cover that as well, the Obsession Method has a separate advanced strategy section where they cover those things. I will talk about that in a minute.

Why Should You Choose the Obsession Method?

The truth is, most men aren’t able to get the girl of their dreams. That’s just the reality of how the world is. And if you are an average guy like me, then you need help to improve the odds of you getting the girl of your dreams.

And who is better to guide you than a dating coach that’s a woman?

I know what most people say – don’t ask a fish how to fish. Ask the fisherman how to fish.

But in this case, you can take advice from a female dating coach like Kate Spring because she will give you the woman’s perspective of how it looks and feels like when you either cold approach them in the street or match with them online.

Not just that, she also dives deep into the psychological mind of women and helps you understand how they think. So you can use that and guide the women in your life into realizing that you are a great guy and they should stay with you.

But why is Kate doing this? Why not just create an Instagram page and sell paid posts or get sponsorship deals for thousands of dollars and become a millionaire in just a couple of years?

Good question.

According to Kate, she wants to give men all the tools and strategies to build their confidence and attract the women of their dreams in their lives. But not just that, she also wants those girls to fall in love with them so much that they don’t want anyone else in their lives.

Here’s a video of her explaining why she does what she does.

So What Is the Obsession Method?

Simply put, the Obsession Method is a program that guides men on what they can do to make women fall in love with them. Kate Spring goes into detail about female psychology in this program and also teaches you a “secret language” that once you start using it, will make women feel an uncontrollable lust and a desire to have sex with you and only you.

Most men these days think that they are unattractive or that they need to be 6ft tall and have modelish looks to attract even the most average women out there. This is completely untrue and this program will help you become more confident and more comfortable in your skin. That alone will unlock the untapped potential that you didn’t realize you’ve always had.

Not only that, once you are confident in yourself, you will start to notice that you are consistently becoming the center of attraction of almost every woman that you meet. That’s what most people mean when they say that someone is a ladies man.

If you still doubt that this will happen to you, just check out some of the techniques Kate teaches in her program and see it for yourself.

We all know that women love to be mentally aroused and men are aroused by physical attractiveness. And once you learn this secret language and are consistently using it on women, you will realize how powerful it is. Even the most average-looking guy like you and I can get a girl with playboy model type looks hot and heavy.




Tell Me More About Kate Spring

Almost all the dating products out there are made by men. And it is a good thing that it is that way because men are willing to go out of their way to get the women of their dreams. Not only that, they are also willing to spend the time and energy to test different techniques and find out the best way to get as many women as possible.

But what’s unique about The Obsession Method is that it gives you a completely different perspective when it comes to dating. A perspective of a hot woman and you get an opportunity to learn how you can seduce women that look just like her or more beautiful than her.

Kate Spring is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has spent over 5 years teaching men how to build long-lasting relationships with the women of their dreams.


What Do You Get Once You Buy The Obsession Method?

According to Kate, The Obsession Method is the most advanced seduction system in the world. But I’ll hold my judgment on that.

You can read this review till the end to get my final decision on whether this program is worth every penny or not. Or you can just scroll down to the Conclusion section and just read that section to decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Here’s what you get once you buy The Obsession Method.

Story Mode: Remember when I said that women like to be aroused with their minds, this is the section where you will learn how to say short stories about anything to any girl and make her instantly desire you.

The Marriage Man: I know this section sounds like it is for someone who is looking to marry a girl. But you can use what Kate teaches in this section to get as many girls as you want, or you can also use it to build a long-term relationship with one girl and have her feel such an intense connection with you that she will start daydreaming about marrying you.

Text Seduction: In today’s day and age, texting is everything. If you mess this up, you mess everything up. The Obsession Method teaches you how you can text a girl to make her feel an intense desire to just meet you right then and there. Not only that, this type of texting will also make you be her center of attention all the time to the point where she will want you to have sex with her right now.

One thing I will mention is that there are other better texting-only focused products out there. Products like Magnetic Messaging are well known for getting guys way better results than other products.

I’m not saying that the texting techniques that Kate teaches in the Obsession Method are bad by any means. All I’m saying is that you can get way better results with Magnetic Messaging.

Desire Protocol: Kate calls this section the passport to the heart of any girl. In this section, she teaches how you can make a girl feel an intense and deep desire for you that she cannot think about anything else but you all the time.

Unstoppable Pickup: Now this is the section where I’d say that men are more adept at than women. Kate does teach some good pickup techniques in this section. But if you want to get good results consistently, I recommend checking out my review on John Anthony Lifestyle and the Speak to Spark Arousal Review.

Either of those courses are better than the Obsession Method when it comes to texting techniques and cold approach techniques in my opinion.



All programs have their pros and cons. The Obsession Method does one thing very well, and that is teaching you how to build that intense connection and desire for you from every woman you meet. You can use this program to build the desire to a point where they will want nothing else but to be with you.

And that is great because that’s exactly what Kate promises to deliver.

But there are some sections of this course that I think aren’t the best. At least based on my experience after trying out so many dating products out there.

Like the texting techniques, I mentioned that Magnetic Messaging is way better at teaching guys how to text so that they can get as many dates and lays as possible. Sure, the Obsession Method has a different angle on it – it teaches how you can instantly get any girl to want to have sex with you through texting. But that is just marketing hype once you cut through all of it.

Another area where I think a different course or coaching can help immensely is the offline pickup part. I’m not ignoring the part where she teaching some really good pickup techniques and ways to approach girls. But there are other people who are WAY more experienced at pickup than Kate.

John Anthony from John Anthony Lifestyle is the first coach that comes to mind. He has literally approached thousands of women and also has slept with around 1300 women if I’m not wrong. So clearly his cold approach techniques are working and are getting him consistent results for over a decade now.

But to wrap things up, would I recommend this program to someone who wanted to get girls to feel that desire for him? Or if he wanted his girlfriend or wife to stay committed to him for the rest of their lives?


Make no mistake, what Kate teaches in this program about building desire and connection is top-of-the-line stuff.

I’d even recommend this program to a newbie who just wants to get started and wants to meet with as many girls as possible.

But once you are past the newbie stage and are in the intermediate or advanced stage, that’s where I’d recommend going with either Magnetic Messaging or John Anthony Lifestyle to get level up in skill.

I hope this review helped you out. Feel free to click this link below to buy Kate Spring’s The Obsession Method.