The Devotion System Review 2021 – Is It Worth Buying?

This entire website is dedicated to reviewing dating products, guides, and books. And I spend a lot of time going through different courses and books to give you an unbiased opinion on whether a course or book is worth spending money on or not.

The Devotion System is a new book by Amy North that recently came to my attention and so I decided to put it on my list of books to review.

What did I find? Let’s find out.


So What Is The Devotion System?

You’d be surprised to know that The Devotion System is a best-selling book.

But before we dive into what is in the book, let’s first talk about the author for a bit.

Who is Amy North?

Ms. North is a relationship coach that offers a unique angle to developing and nurturing a relationship. That is what she does full-time.

Also, if you are a guy reading this, The Devotion System is written keeping women in mind. So if you are reading this review with your wife or girlfriend, then that’s great. But if you are reading just because you find it curious, then that is weird (just kidding, keep on reading 😊).

As I said, The Devotion System is written keeping women in mind and this is definitely a great resource for women who are struggling with relationships, having trouble keeping a guy around, or just want to be more confident when going out on dates.

So, if you have faced any relationship difficulties in the past, or if you are currently in a relationship that is not satisfying you, then this is the eBook for you.

The good thing about this eBook is that it comes with a 13-part video training series and a 3-part adaptive quiz as well.

But that’s just the cherry on top.

The main thing that I loved about this book, is that Ms. North doesn’t talk about any mind games that you can play with your man. I was kinda half expecting it to talk about Gone Girl techniques where you can FORCE your man to be good with you or else he would be in a lot of trouble.

But thankfully, she talks about male psychology and relates all of that theory with her real-world experience, and also gives you practical advice that you can apply right now to improve things.

That is one of the main things that I look for in every dating product or eBook – whether or not they give practical advice that I can apply right now to see results. If they do that, then I can trust it to be a good product. If it is all just mindset stuff and theory then we really don’t need to spend money to know all that, we can find that information ourselves for free online.



Is The Devotion System Worth Buying?

I’ll need to create some context to answer this question. Remember, everyone is in a different situation, so even if it is worth it for me, it might not be worth it for you.

So how do you decide whether you should take the risk with it? Well, create your context based on your current situation and see if based on this review it will help your situation or not. If not, no big deal.

But here’s the best part – you get a 60-day Refund Guarantee once you buy this. So if you realize that it is not worth the money you spent you can just get a refund. No questions asked. There is no risk for you.

Now, onto building the context.

Most women can easily get laid if they want to. That’s never an issue. The issue is when they really like a guy and want him to stick around. But then realize that he is commitment-phobic, or they have too much baggage or they are just not open to having a relationship with you.

That’s whether The Devotion System really shines.

The advice in this book with help you break through all the issues that the guy might have and will have them sharing their inner-most thoughts with you. That way, you can earn their trust and then help them realize that both of you really are a good couple.

Some might think that this is manipulation but they are wrong. This is just like sales. Most people don’t know that they wanted an iPhone until they realized that the iPhone is just way better and more reliable than an Android.

How did that happen? It took some time but people started seeing more and more and scenarios in which the iPhones worked perfectly while the Android’s just sucked. Like taking photos in low-light or transferring documents from your phone to your computer.

Makes sense?

You don’t have to sell them hard on being with you. You just have to nudge them in the right direction. And The Devotion System does a really good job at teaching how you can nudge them.


Amy North’s Unique Perspective

There are thousands of products in the dating industry but most of them just feel like regurgitated jargon that businesses just repackage every year and sell as a new thing. I rarely find anything unique or refreshing that makes me think that I might’ve not read about it or never considered it before.

Not to mention that there aren’t many women in the dating advice industry. So when I came across this eBook, I wanted to know if Amy North offered something unique/different, or was it all the same.

And thankfully, there were things that were unique to her. Things like her ability to relate with women in general and being able to tell things how they are. No sugarcoating, no fluff or nonsense. Just telling how it is and letting us, the reader decide whether we want to improve our situation or not.

Not only that, I also love the fact that she offers practical advice that you can apply right now to see some quick results. That is rare to see in the dating industry because most of the time you just get some theory BS, meditation, mindset, posture correction training, etc. that has nothing to do with getting what you were looking for.



What Do You Get In The Devotion System

The eBook is split into 3 main parts that are then further split into subsections that talk about more specific details.


  1. Letting Go and Moving On

As I said, most women go through a lot of failed relationships early on in their lives and they start to doubt themselves as a person. This section focuses on how you should rebuild yourself, your confidence, and giving yourself the opportunity to start fresh.

This is the section where you will learn to let go of the past, the baggage, the bad experiences so you can see every new guy as a new opportunity to have a beautiful relationship with.


  1. Men 101

As you might’ve guessed with the name of this section, it is all about men. Amy goes into detail about how men think and behave. And clears a lot of misconceptions that are out there about men that most women believe that often end up being detrimental for a lot of the relationships.

She also talks about the different types of men that are out there and the things that turn them on and off. And how women subconsciously behave differently when they are around a man that they like.

The core idea here is to clear out all the misconceptions that you might have about men and giving you a peek inside how men operate.


  1. Stages of Love

Once you have gone through the first 2 sections of the book, this is the section that will give you an idea of what a relationship looks like. The stages of love that you will go through with the man of your dreams.

This is the section that I noticed has a lot of practical tips and relationship advice. Not just that, Amy also goes over things like how you can spot a failing relationship early on so you can take specific steps to give both of you a chance to save the relationship.

Other aspects like what you should and shouldn’t be doing once you are in a relationship and most importantly – the guy you are in a relationship with right now might not be the right man for you. She covers that as well.


How Much Does This eBook Cost?

I think the pricing may seem quite expensive considering that it is an eBook, but we do get a 13-part video series and also some bonuses along with it. So I think it is worth the price.

The whole thing costs $48.25

And like I mentioned above, if you decide to pull the trigger on this right now and find out that this isn’t worth your money, you can easily get a refund within 60 days, no questions asked.


What I Didn’t Like About the eBook?

I know, the whole review seems like I’m just praising the eBook and the work Amy North has done. But to be honest, there is not much to say about it besides the good things.
This might be shocking coming from me but yes, I think Amy delivered exactly what she promised with this eBook.

But as you all might be expecting already, there is one thing that I think I should point out that could be improved.


The Language

In certain sections of the eBook, I felt like Amy was being condescending toward men. I think the whole point of making this book dedicated to women was about bringing men and women together and having them operate as a team and not as adversaries.

There were several sections where Amy painted all men with a broad stroke of brush. Generalized all men as being the same. And while I agree that almost all men have something in common with each other, just like women do, everyone is unique and different in their own ways as well.

I think she could’ve been more nuanced in those sections.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Amy North?

Amy North is a relationship coach that helps people with dating, marriage, breakups, and divorce. She is also a host of a popular YouTube channel.


Does The Devotion System Work?

Short answer? Yes. The Devotion System is known to help thousands of women all over the world get the man of their dreams.



Besides the fact that some sections were condescending, I think the book provides incredible value to all women out there. It helps them rebuild themselves if they’ve had bad relationship experiences in the past and also allows them to get rid of their baggage and start with a clean slate.

Not only that, it also goes into detail about male psychology and helps women understand how men think and behave. And it also clears a lot of misconceptions about men that are out there.

Overall, I think it is worth spending the money and giving yourself the chance to get the man of your dreams.

In my opinion, this is way cheaper than having to pay a psychologist to help you through your relationship issues.

Now, I know that this product does not solve every issue. And there are some issues that can only be resolved with the help of a psychologist, but this can help you go a long way.

Feel free to purchase Amy North’s The Devotion System from here.