Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging is a great resource and solid guide to upping your text messaging game as a beginner written by dating coaches Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.


What We Liked About Magnetic Messaging:

We found this book to be really simple to understand and that it offers advice you can actually use to better communicate via text message with women.

The authors provide plenty of examples and they aren’t exclusive to just texting, but can easily be applied to face-to-face and over-the-phone interactions as well.


What We Didn’t Like About Magnetic Messaging:

  • Certain types of girls may not be moved by some of the techniques suggested.
  • Some of these ideas will need to be adapted to work for your particular style or personality.
  • Some of the examples shown won’t work well on certain types of girls.
  • You may find that you will need to adapt some of the ideas from the book to suit your own unique personality and style else they will come off as unnatural.
  • A few of the areas aren’t covered in as much depth as they could be.


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My Overall Thoughts on the Book

Specifically for beginners, this book is great. It will teach you how to be more playful and more attractive when messaging women. The book covers a number of example scenarios and you are bound to encounter some of these when texting women.

If you find yourself easily getting girl’s phone numbers, but don’t understand why they don’t text back or why you can’t seem to keep an interesting conversation going, or, maybe they just aren’t accepting your invitations for dates (the dreaded friend zone!), then this book can certainly be helpful to you.


My Detailed Review

Rob Judge, the writer of the book Date Hotter Girls, collaborated with Bobby Rio to bring us Magnetic Messaging. The book is geared towards beginners and guides them through communicating with women with a focus on texting them.

Many people including women essentially never put their phone down so having some decent texting skills are a must if you want to stand out in today’s dating pool.

Magnetic Messaging was written to give you some perspective into the female mind along with some tools that will improve your communication skills so that they cannot wait to see you in person!

A variety of hypothetical scenarios and stages are given in this book such as:

  • Conversations with girls you haven’t had a date with YET.
  • Conversations with a girl that you’ve already had a couple dates with.
  • Conversations with a girl that you’re currently sleeping with or currently in a relationship with.


The book focuses on the idea that the messages you send her should achieve one of three goals:

  • Women thrive on emotions, spark them.
  • You want to bond with her, foster a connection.
  •  Your message is intended to establish plans.

The book gives a lot of details on how to go about this which is mainly depending on which stage of the relationship you are currently in with the girl and the way she responds.


Important Things to Consider While Reading

One of the authors, Rob, offers an advanced dating strategies course and the examples given in the text are actually how he speaks to women face-to-face in real-life situations.

Be sure when you take his tips and get ready to implement them in your own conversations, you personalize it so it sounds like you.

There’s a brief section about this in the book emphasizing how it’s necessary to make it uniquely yours, whichever strategy you’re using.

Just to make this point clear, there are a lot of example texts that the authors use in the book which use words that I would never use and just don’t sound like something I would say. You can use what he says in principle but taking his exact wording might get you into trouble.

With that same token, you also have to keep in mind the type of girl you’re talking to. Rob is from New York where the combination of intellectualism and humor works pretty well on them. A few of the examples might be a bit too exaggerated to use word by word.

If you think there’s a good chance the lady that you’re talking to won’t get the joke or the reference, it’s best to leave it out.Basically, just know who you are and who your audience is and use that to decide how to proceed.

Of course, some things also vary based on where you live. Just test the waters and find out what works well for you. For instance, it’s recommended in the text that you should text her in the morning to try to plan a meeting for the same evening.

The authors advise not to set up dates for days in advance. I and many others do this all the time though with no issue. This may be a case where Rob has noticed something that works for him but not for everyone.

Perhaps this increases your chance of success but it isn’t a hard-fast rule that you must follow. It seems to me that some women might say no because they didn’t want to seem too available regardless of whether or not they had any prior engagements.

Just know that the book is mainly there to give you new ideas, you don’t have to adhere to it like it’s the law.


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Advanced Techniques (The Key Lock Sequence)

If you’re wondering whether or not this book actually gets into it, it does. There are strategies for sexting that hopefully will land you those naked photos you’ve been dying to see. This is one of the areas that could’ve used some more depth to it though, I must say.

The book also gives advice on:

  • What to do when you think you’re being ignored.
  • What to do when you haven’t spoken to the lady in some time.

Keep in mind that the strategies in this book are not full-proof. Sometimes even guys with the best game cannot get the response they were hoping for from a lady. This could be due to many things including things going on in her life that have nothing to do with you.



There are some good extra bits of information to be found within the book, too. It features a list of the 99 best texts. Bobby includes a PowerPoint centered around making a woman infatuated with you as well as a list of the 12 best topics for conversation.


My Verdict

I would definitely recommend Magnetic Messaging to beginners looking to attract more women through text. There’s no doubt that you will encounter some of the situations in the book eventually. Once again, if you’re getting phone numbers but rarely a date, it’s worth it to check out this book.


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