John Anthony Lifestyle (John Mulvehill) Review: Is He Legit Or a Scam?

Alright lets get into it. Those of us that have been on the consumer side of the PUA industry have been noticing a lot of dating gurus making videos about how John Mulvehill, aka, John Anthony from John Anthony Lifestyle is a scammer and that nobody should even bother watching his YouTube videos or taking the time to verify whether his teaching method actually brings quicker results or not.

Because at the end of the day, the only reason we are in this community is so we can get our dating lives sorted out as soon as possible so we can focus on other aspects of our lives.

Isn’t that what we all want?

And I’m just like you guys, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on some of the so-called “best PUA gurus” that promise you to get results in just 10 days of implementing their program. But once you actually start going through the course you realize that it is the same thing regurgitated from another course.

That begs the question –

Are John Anthony Lifestyle Products Similar To Other Products On The Market?

Short answer – Yes, but with a caveat.

Long answer.

Before I dive into it, I want to address one BIG question first – have I actually bought something from John and gone through the course yet?


I bought his most expensive dating product – Platinum Dating System that goes over all aspects of game. Daygame, night game, online dating profiles, etc.


How Is Platinum Dating System Different Other Courses?

Platinum Dating System is one of the most in-depth dating courses I’ve ever come across. And I’m not exaggerating it at all. Most dating coaches out there, if they are selling online products, they  divide things like daygame, nightgame, etc. and then they either try to upsell you the text game, or how to run your dates and stuff instead of packaging the whole thing in just one product and giving you everything you will ever need at a reasonable price.

Because lets be honest, most of the good dating products that you have come across, are very expensive. And trust me, I will go over some of them that will just blow your mind when you realize how shitty those products are.

Back to Platinum Dating System.

It does have 1 video where John goes over the kind of mindset you need to have to attract the kind of girls you want to have in your life.

And that’s pretty much it. Everything else is just straight practical advice that you can apply right now to start getting the results that you paid for.

You can see in the members area screenshot I included above, there is only 1 inner game mindset video. Other courses that I’ve gone through have entire sections dedicated to just mindset and inner game where they teach you how to breath properly, how to correct your posture, dressing correctly, etc.

I’m not saying that you don’t need those things to improve your chance of success. But that is not what you are paying for. You paid for straight, practical advice that you can apply right now to get the dating life of the top 20% or even 10% of the guys out there.


Do His Methods Really Work?

This is the only question we should ask ourselves. And I’m surprised why more people aren’t asking it.

You and me, we are the customers of these dating coaches. And we need to ask ourselves which coach will get us the best and the quickest results. Sure, if you start going to the gym and start making more money you will have more opportunities to get the best girlfriend in your life.

But are you really willing to spend your hard earned money on someone that is going to say the same thing to you. And the only thing different will be that you will have $1,000 less in your bank account? Or however much you might have paid them?

The only thing we should be looking for is results within 90 days. I think 90 days or 3 months is enough time for almost everything in life to start showing some results. Dating is no different.

So, the things that I learned in Platinum Dating System, did I get any results out of it?


How quickly did I started seeing results?

Within 3 days.


But Let Me Clarify

3 days is a very short amount of time to start seeing results, I know. But I already had a girl that was hooking up with.

The reason why I consider it a success is this – the first thing that caught my attention was the sex tips video that he has in the course.

Obviously that’s the first thing I watched. And I have to say, I’ve never watched any video that covered those tips and instructions on how to give a woman an orgasm so quickly. Not just that, there was also recommendations about sex toys, positions, lasting longer, etc. that I applied immediately and saw incredible results.

In fact, this chick texted me the next day saying that the only reason why she will keep hooking up with me is that I gave her multiple orgasms and she rarely gets that from other dudes.

Not just that, she also recommended me to one of her best friends that just got out of a relationship. I’m going to meet her best friend this Tuesday.

So yes, I will consider that a success because I got a new girl without even having to go through the entire course material. I just applied one small section of the course.


Did I See Any Other Results?

I wouldn’t count it as results but in the spirit of transparency I will say this – I started using his method of daygame and I got 4 numbers. 3 of them didn’t go anywhere, I’m still talking to the 4th one.

One thing I’m doing different from the course material is that I’m not taking my rejections and letting them go to waste. I say the girls that we can still just be friends and hang out and I get their number.

That way, I can continue hanging out with her and get into her social circle. That will make it easy for me to date one of her friends. I wouldn’t have access to this social circle had I just taken the L and moved on.

I think this is an efficient way to keep things in your favor rather than starting from scratch for every approach. Which in a sense you are but the more girls you befriend, the higher your chances will be to get in touch with more girls and be in more social circles.

Back to results.

With daygame, I got 4 number, 3 of them, I ended becoming their friend. They weren’t interested in me. The 4th number might turn out to be something. So lets see how this goes.

The good thing is, Platinum Dating System goes over the texting game in extreme detail. So you are never confused about what you should say next to the girl. So this whole thing has almost become effortless for me because I’m still getting the hang of it.



Right from the beginning I knew I wasn’t going to blindly trust the other dating coaches or gurus out there that are trying to defame this guy. I know the claims he makes seem outrageous on the surface. Take the 1,500 lay count for example.

Most guys that are not in the PUA community never go past 5 let alone 100. John Anthony claims that he has been with 1,500 women which is so far out of the reality of most normal people like me, let alone the dating coaches out there that no one believes him.

This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to give him a shot because I wanted to see if he teaches something that is different. And he does.

Here’s an example – most of my daygame approaches that I’ve done before joining Platinum Dating System were awkward. So awkward that my stomach would start turning and I would think why am I even doing this.

I gave up on daygame after failing at 40 approaches because I knew I wasn’t good at them.

Once I joined Platinum, I realized that my method was all wrong. My personality isn’t weird, only the things I was saying or trying to achieve in that interaction were weird. The end goal was to get the number, but my method by which I got there would decide whether I would actually get the number or not.

The daygame approach method in Platinum Dating System is super easy. You don’t need to go through all the mental bs about the different stages of cold approach like most dating coaches teach. You just need to go with how you think the conversation is going.

Obviously he goes into more detail about what you should say and do. But the overall method is to keep things light, easy going and fun. If you can do that, you can get a girl’s number in less than a minute and not even feel nervous about it.

I was excited after I saw that video and so the next day I approached 7 girls when I went cycling. This was at 10pm in an area where a lot of hot girls go out to run or jog. But remember, because it is so late at night, most girls already have their guards up.

And I managed to get 4 numbers in less than 20 minutes total. The ones that didn’t give their number were so happy that I approached them that they complimented me. How cool is that?

So yes, in conclusion, I’d say that his stuff really does work. I’m in the process of setting up my online dating profiles the way he teaches.

I will say that there is some overlap when it comes to online dating which isn’t surprising. You can only hit the online dating thing with so many unique angles. At some point it all depends on how good looking you are and if you can take good photos of yourself.

Besides that, I am excited because the methods he teaches to meet a higher volume of girls is incredible. Supplementing my online dating with just daygame will blow up the results for me because it is one of the most efficient ways to date.

DPR Rating – 10/10

I don’t think I will be buying a dating product for my personal use any time soon. But yes, for writing reviews for you guys, I will spend money and let you know.

The Platinum Dating Review from John Anthony Lifestyle is something I would 100% recommend to anyone, at any age. Go for it.